Conference Program

Building Good Economies

Building Good Economies.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3 p.m.: Pre-Conference Plenary: Sustainable Economies, Sustainable Lives
Juliet Schor (Economics and Sociology, Boston College):
"Toward a New Economy: Time, Creativity and Community" Responses: Joshua Farley (Applied Economics, University of Vermont); David Cloutier (Theological Ethics, Mount St. Mary’s, MD)
Convener: Micki McGee (American Studies and Sociology, Fordham)

6 - 8 p.m.: Opening Public Lecture and Forum
Hernando de Soto (Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Lima Peru):
“How Can Markets Help Close the Gaps Between Rich and Poor?: The Power of Documents”
Introduced by Sal Giambanco (Omidyar Network)
Responses: Daniel K. Finn (Theology, Economics, St. John’s University, MN)
Carolyn Woo (CEO, Catholic Relief Services)
Convener: Christine Firer Hinze (Theology and Ethics, Fordham)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

9 - 10:30 a.m.: Opening Plenary: Perspectives on CST and Modern Markets
Charles E. Curran (Ethics, Southern Methodist University):
"CST on Markets: Historical, Theological, and Ethical Analysis”
Responses: Maureen O’Hara (Cornell Business School)
Charles Clark Economics (St. John’s University, NY)
Convener: Thomas Shannon (Ethics and Religion, Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

10:45 a.m. - 12 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions I
A. Featured session: Justice for Workers and CST
Convener: Chris Rhomberg (Sociology, Fordham)
Gerald Beyer (Theology, Villanova): “Just Work in the Age of the Corporatized University”
Joseph McCartin (History, Georgetown): "CST and the Problem of Labor Solidarity in the 21st Century”
Stephanie Luce (Labor Studies, CUNY): “Living Wages and the Fight for $15”

B. Rethinking Finance for a Small Planet
Respondent/Discussant: Erick Rengifo (Economics, Fordham)
Joshua Farley (University of Vermont): “Finance, Speculation, and the Price Mechanism in a Crowded, Unequal Planet”

C. Laudato Si, Economy, and Conversion of Life
Convener: Michael E. Lee (Theology, Fordham)
J. Matthew Ashley (Theology, Notre Dame): “Integral Ecology, Ecological Conversion: Appeal to Christian Spirituality in Laudato Si
David Cloutier (Mount St. Mary’s, MD): “Confronting a Culture of Waste: How Luxury Undermines Good Economies”

D. CST and Social Sciences in Dialogue
George Perkins (Economics, Bates College, ME): “Confessions of an Economist on Introducing CST into Microeconomics at a Secular Liberal Arts College”
Mark G. Nixon: (Theology and Economics, Fordham; Former Mgr., IBM Advanced Business Institute) “Technocratic Paradigm: What Can Francis Possibly Mean?”

E. Fordham’s Pope Francis Global Poverty Index (Panel)
Convener: Henry Schwalbenberg (Fordham IPED)
Graduate Research Assistants: Veronica Karpoich (Water), Grace Avila (Food), Tyler Falish (Housing), Thando Mlanjana, (Employment), Andrew Munn (Religious Freedom), Elizabeth Parr (Education), Kathryn McCann (Gender), Jaclyn Yap (Composite Poverty Index).
12:00 Box lunches available for registered participants

1 - 2:25 p.m.: Plenary: Business, Finance and the Common Good
Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago Business School): “Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?”
Responses: Donna Rapacciolli (Dean, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham)
Lynn Stout (Cornell Law School)

2:45 - 4 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions II
A. Featured Session: CST and the Roles of Wealth and Finance (Panel)
Convener: Barbara Porco (Gabelli School of Business, Fordham)
Sal Giambanco (Omidyar Network): “Social Good through Philanthropy and Business Investing”
Maureen O’Hara (Cornell Business School): “Arbitrage and Ethics”
Daniel Finn (St. John’s University, MN): “Getting Rich with Integrity: Is It Possible?”
Lynn Stout (Cornell Law School): “Making and Taking on Wall Street”

B. Good Businesses: CST as Resource and Challenge 
Michael Naughton (Catholic Studies, Ethics and Business Law, St. Thomas University, MN): “Integral Ecology and its Implications for Business: Renewing Institutional Life”
Barbara Hilkert Andolsen (Theology and Ethics, Fordham): “CST and Employers’ Obligations to Create and Sustain Jobs”

C. CST and Catholic Education (Panel)
Convener: James McCartin (Theology and Religious Studies, Fordham)
Benjamin LaBadie (Boston College): “The Leonine Legacy and K-12 Catholic Education”
John Larrivee (Mount St. Mary’s, MD): “The Critical Metaphysical Contribution of CST to Social Theory and the Academy”
Vincent Maher and Joseph Ford (Iona College Business School): “It’s Past Time to Re-Imagine Catholic Higher Education”

D. Can the Church be Prophetic in an Affluent Suburb? (Panel)
Convener: TBA
Richard Koubek (Community Outreach Coordinator), Anita Halasz (Executive Director, Long Island Jobs With Justice)
Panelists: Rev. William Brisotti (Pastor, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal RC Church, Wyandanch); Rev. Kate Jones-Calone (Setauket Presbyterian Church); Rev. Charles Coverdale (Pastor, First Baptist Church of Riverhead); Rev. Thomas Goodhue (Executive Director, Long Island Council of Churches); Rev. Ronald Richardson (St. Anthony of Padua RC Church, Rocky Point)

E. CST, Religions and Economic Justice for the Vulnerable
Convener: Kathryn Kueny (Theology and Religious Studies, Fordham)
Timothy James Carey (Boston College): “’I was Sick and You Did Not Visit Me:’ Economic Discrimination towards People Living with HIV/AIDS and the 2010 Kenyan Constitution”
Peter Gardella (Manhattanville College): “Religions and the Living Wage”

F. Student Initiatives for Good and Sustainable Economies
Convener: Erick Rengifo (Economics, Fordham)
FCLC Students for Fair Trade: “Fair Trade Entrepreneurship at Fordham University: A Pilot Project with Spes Nova
Gabelli School Social Innovation Collaboratory, Student Initiatives (Tentative)
FCLC Students for the Environment (Tentative)

4:30 - 6 p.m.: Plenary: Economic Inequality, Vulnerable Children and Families
Jere Behrman (Economics and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania):
“Improving Children’s Chances: Evidence on Early-Life Investments and Economic Inequality.”
Responses: Henry Schwalbenberg (Fordham International Political and Economic Development); Diane Rodriguez (Fordham Graduate School of Education)
Convener: Virginia Roach (Dean, Fordham Graduate School of Education)

6 - 7:15 p.m.: Reception

7:30 p.m.: Plenary Panel: Laudato Si, Ecology, and Sustainable Business
Moderator: David Gelles (The New York Times)
Carolyn Woo (CEO, CRS); Anthony Annett (Columbia University Earth Institute); Christiana Peppard (Theology and Ethics, Fordham); Ralph Izzo (President and CEO, PSEG)

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016

9 - 11 a.m.: Plenary for Students: CST: Foundations and Implications for Action Today
Meghan Clark (Theology and Religious Studies, St. John’s University, NY):
“Framing CST: From Human Dignity to Solidarity with Elephants”
Fred Kammer, SJ (Executive Director, Jesuit Social Research Institute, Loyola University, New Orleans): “Canaries in the Coal Mine: CST, Environmental Destruction, and Poverty”

9 - 10 a.m.: Concurrent Sessions III
A. Featured Session for Students I:
Meghan Clark: “Framing CST: Human Dignity … Elephants”

B. Economics in Service of Inclusive Economies
Convener: Darryl McLeod (Chair of Economics, Fordham)
Maria Sophie Aguirre (Economics, Catholic University): “Improving Outcomes by Building Interpersonal Relations: Experimental Evidence from a Savings Scheme”
Sophie Mitra (Sociology, Fordham ) “Good Measures for Good Economies”

C. CST, Equality, and Public Virtue
Convener TBA
David DeCosse (Ethics, Santa Clara University): “Catholic Public Theology and Equality of Freedom”
Kate Ward (Theological Ethics, Boston College): “Can Economies Help Us Be Good?: Economic Inequality and Virtue”

D. CST and Human Capital (Panel)
Convener TBA
Andrew Beauchamp (Economics, Wright State University): “Humane Capital: Re-examining CST in Light of the Shift to Human Capital”
Jason Heron (Theology, University of Dayton): “Leo XIII, the Family as Institution, and Humane Capital”
Alan Mostrom (Theology, University of Dayton): “John Paul II, Negative Anthropology, and Humane Capital”

10:10 - 11:10 a.m.: Concurrent Sessions IV
A. Featured Session for Students II:
Fred Kammer, SJ: “Canaries in the Coal Mine: CST and the Deep Connections between Environmental Destruction and Poverty”

B. CST and Action for Housing Justice in New York
Convener TBA
Lois Harr (Director, Campus Ministry and Social Action, Manhattan College), John M. Reilly (Executive Director, Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation): “Close to Home: CST in Action in the Bronx”

C. CST and Building Good Market Economies
Convener and Discussant: Gerald Beyer (Theology and Religious Studies, Villanova)
Udayan Gupta (Journalist and Fordham GSB) and Kathleen Zaborowski Gupta (Consultant, Non-Profit Development): “Market Economy/Civil Society: The Polish American Enterprise Fund and the Polish American Freedom Foundation as a Model for Societal Transformation”

D. CST, Economy, and Life Issues
Convener and Discussant: Thomas Shannon (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Charles C. Camosy (Theology and Ethics, Fordham): “Resisting the Throwaway Culture--The Consistent Ethic of Life after Pope Francis"
Respondent: Kaitlin Campbell (Commonweal)

11 a.m.: Box lunches available for registered participants

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.: Lunch Plenary: Economy, Ecology, and Exclusion in an Election Year
Maureen O’Connell (Religious Studies, LaSalle University); John Carr (CST Center, Georgetown); Bryan Massingale (Theology and Ethics, Marquette University); Gregory Acevedo (Fordham Graduate School of Social Service)
Convener: Sheila Foster (Fordham Law School)

1:30 - 2:45 p.m.: Plenary: Sustainable Livelihoods for all: Work and Working Families
Jody Heymann (Dean, UCLA School of Health Sciences): “Can Values and Economies Thrive Simultaneously? The Impact of how We Shape Work and Treat Families in Every Corner of Our Country and World”
Responses: Joseph McCartin (History, Georgetown); [Invited: Ai-en Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance]
Convener: Sophie Mitra (Economics, Fordham)

3 - 4:15 p.m.: Concurrent Sessions V
A. Featured: On the Ground: CST and Community Action for Economic Justice

Convener: Brad Hinze (Theology, Fordham)
Sandra Lobo and Representatives (Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition); Jorman Nunez (Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative and Economic Democracy Project)

B. CST’s Historical Resources for Good 21st Century Economies (Panel)
Convener: John Seitz (Theology and Religious Studies, Fordham)
Matthew Shadle (Theology, Marymount University, VA): “The Evolution of Catholic Organicism: From Rerum novarum to Laudato Si
Mari Rapela Heidt (Theology, St. Joseph’s University): “An Economy that Serves Human Needs: The Contribution of Louis-Joseph Lebret”
Jason Steidl (Theology, Fordham): “Cesar Chavez and Rerum novarum

C. Enacting CST’s Economic Vision through Church-related Associations
Kevin Glauber Ahern (Religious Studies, Manhattan College): “Mediating Global Common Good: Christian Social Mvts in an Indifferent World”
William Purcell (Center for Social Concerns, University of Notre Dame): “Economic Development and the Marginalized in the Age of Trump: 21st-Century Popes and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development”

D. CST and Resources for Reimagining and Renewing Economic Life (Flash Session)
Convener: Michael Peppard (Theology, Fordham)
Cooper McCullough (Theology, Boston College): “Unleashing Our Imaginations on the Economy”
James O’Sullivan (Theology, Boston College): “Effective ‘Carriers’ of CST in the 21st Century”
Megan T. Wilson-Reitz (Campus Ministry, John Carroll University): “Inheriting Abraham’s Blessings in a Limited Good Economy: Replacing ‘Endless Growth’ with a Biblical Ethic of Prosperity”
Stefano Zordan (MTS, Harvard Divinity School): “God and Money: A Bi-Directional Exchange”

4:30 p.m.: Closing Plenary: Looking Forward: Paths for Constructive Action
Michael Naughton (St. Thomas University); Joshua Farley (University of Vermont); Maureen O’Connell (LaSalle University); Fred Kammer, SJ (Loyola New Orleans)

5:45 p.m.: Closing Reception

Registration and further information: - [email protected] - 718-817-0662