Speakers: Videos & Writings

Anthony Annett

Read a chapter written by Anthony Annett on Human Flourishing, the Common Good, and Catholic Social Teaching as part of the World Happiness Report.

Meghan Clark

Read an article by Meghan Clark that highlights our role in nature and our impact on elephants. 

Hernando De Soto

Josh Farley

Sal Giambanco

Jody Heymann

Read an interview with Jody Heymann about forgotten families.

Read an article written by Jody Heymann about the determination of the United States to hold out of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Joseph McCartin

Juliet Schor

Lynn Stout

Read an article by Lynn Stout about how hedge funds create environments that lead to criminals.

Carolyn Woo

Read an article about Carolyn Woo and capitalism.

Luigi Zingales

Read an article by Luigi Zingales about finance and society.