Dual MA/MS Degree in Economics and Data Science

The Economics and Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) departments are offering a dual M.A./M.S. degree program in Economics and Data Science. This dual degree program has been developed in response to the increasing importance of computational methods and data analytic skills in the job market.

Students who pursue this dual degree option will gain a deeper understanding of economic theory and computational methods, while having the time and expertise to engage in research projects that link Data Science and Economics. This degree entails 15 courses (45 credits), taken sequentially or concurrently where appropriate.

Students can start their course work in either the M.A. in Economics or the M.S. in Data Science program and complete the degree requirements according to the guidance of their advisor, the program's Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The dual degree requires students to complete the core of both the M.A. in Economics and M.S. in Data Science degree programs while reducing overall requirements for the dual degree to 15 courses, rather than 20 courses required if the degrees were completed separately.

Admission to the Dual M.A./M.S. Degree

  1. Students must first apply and be admitted to either the M.A. in Economics or M.S. in Data Science as their primary program.
  2. Once enrolled in either the M.A. in Economics or the M.S. in Data Science, students are required to successfully complete approximately 18 credits of coursework in the primary program (i.e., have completed four courses and are currently registered for at least two more courses).
  3. After making satisfactory progress in the primary program and completing sufficient prerequisites in preparation for the secondary degree program, students will be eligible to submit a new graduate application for the secondary program to pursue the dual degree.

Admission to the second degree program is primarily recommended by the DGS of the second program in consultation with the DGS of the primary program. Only students making satisfactory progress in their primary degree program and who are qualified for the second degree will be accepted for the dual degree pathway. Since it is two stand-alone degrees, the dual degree program will decide each program's merit-based financial aid awards separately.

See Dual Degree in Economics (M.A.) and Data Science (M.S.) for all program requirements.