Vicente Rubio-Pueyo


Vicente Rubio-Pueyo Faculty Page Head Shot.
Lecturer of Spanish 
Faber Hall 565 
[email protected]
FALL 2023 Office hours:
Tuesday&Wednesday: 02:30pm-4:30pm
Friday: 02:30pm-3:30pm
  • B.A. Spanish Philology. University of Zaragoza. Spain. 2004
    PhD Hispanic Languages and Literatures. SUNY Stony Brook. 2014.

  • I have taught Spanish at Fordham since 2010. Besides teaching, my research and writing is focused on the intersection of politics and culture in Contemporary Spain. I am currently finishing a book manuscript on how the crises, movements and new political initiatives within the last decade (2008-2020) in Spain have changed the political culture of Spanish Democracy. My research interests include Cultural Studies, Social movements; Marxism; Theories of Populism; Municipalism; Far Right; Political and Social Documentary and Film, among other topics. My academic research has been published in the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, boundary2 and other publications and collective books.

    Beyond academia, I write frequently in the press about US and Spain’s culture and politics on both sides of the Atlantic. My writings have appeared at Public Books, Jacobin, and InTheseTimes, among other outlets in the US, and at CTXT and El Salto in Spain. I have collaborated with academic spaces like NYU’s Urban Democracy Lab (where I was Visiting Scholar in 2020/21), and with institutions such as Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung-NYC Office and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung-NYC Office. I am a member of the Instituto de Estudios Culturales y Cambio Social (IECCS) and Minim Municipalist Observatory.

  • SPAN 1002 Introduction to Spanish II

    SPAN 1501 Intermediate Spanish I

    SPAN 1502  Intermediate Spanish II

    SPAN 2001 Spanish Language and Literature

    SPAN 2500 Approaches to Literature