Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro

Dr. Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro

Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Email: [email protected]

    • 1970 BS in Psychology, Iowa State University
    • 1972 MA in Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin
    • 1979 PhD in Human Development, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ann Higgins-D'Alessandro's research interests are focused in two areas, the development of sense of self and morality across the lifespan and basing evaluation strategies for school change intervention programs in developmental and program theories. Current funding for research comes from two U.S. Department of Education grants and one from the Community of Caring Organization, a private educational practice institute.  Current writing is supported by the Gifts of Time Foundation.

    Research and writing in the development of sense of self and morality focus on understanding the role of self-evaluation and the influence of institutions and groups in their development and expression in action, particularly moral actions, altruism, and self-evaluated "wrong" actions.

    • American Psychological Association, & Division 7
    • American Psychological Society
    • American Educational Research Association
    • American Orthopsychiatry Association
    • Association for Moral Education
    • Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
    • Society for Research in Child Development
    • Society for Research in Adult Development
    • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
    • Higgins-D’Alessandro, A. & Power, F. C. (2005) Character, Responsibility, and the Moral Self. D. Lapsley and F. Clark Power (Eds.) Character Psychology and Character Education. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, Pp. 101-120.
    • Higgins-D’Alessandro, A. (2002) The necessity of teacher development. In A. Higgins-D’Alessandro, A. & K. Jankowski, K. (Eds.) Science for Society: Informing Policy and Practice through Research in Developmental Psychology. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development Series, Chicago, IL: Jossey- Bass.
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