Mapping (In)Justice Symposium: Digital Theory + Praxis for Critical Scholarship

Mapping (In)Justice

Join us at the Mapping (In)justice symposium at Fordham Lincoln Center November 7th-9th.

The everyday adoption of new spatial media—such as web-based mapping platforms, geosocial applications, and locative data—increasingly orient how society understands the past, experiences the present, and plans for the future. This symposium creates space for critically considering digital mapping as both a method and an object of analysis.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Sarah Elwood  from the University of Washington and Dr. Nazera Sadiq Wright from the University of Kentucky. Featured projects include “Torn Apart / Separados,” presented by Dr. Alex Gil from Columbia University, and Participatory Mapping with the Morris Justice Project,” presented by Dr. Brett Stoudt from John Jay College / CUNY Graduate Center.

Mapping (In)Justice is hosted by Fordham University’s Digital Scholarship Consortium and  Office of Researchin partnership with New York University and Columbia University.

The symposium will take place at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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