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Getting Online: Your AccessIT ID

Setup Your Portal Username

Your username is your electronic identity at Fordham University. It is the part of your Fordham email address preceding the "@" symbol. For example, if your email address is, then your username is dd1234. Use your credentials to access Fordham's online services.

Setup your username, and change or reset your password at

Setup your Portal Username
Select New user: Claim account below the Login button and follow the prompts.

New employees can access once they are registered with Human Resources. Call them at 718-817-4930 to find out if you are registered and your Fordham Identification Number (FIDN).

Click here to access a step-by-step reference guide on the process of setting up your username/password and multi-factor authenication for the first time.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Fordham University requires all members to verify their identity with multi-factor authentication (MFA) when logging into a password protected account at Fordham. MFA provides an additional layer of security and reduces the risks associated with unauthorized access to your accounts, should your passwords ever be compromised. Please refer to the Multi-Factor Authentication page for more information.


Change your password
Select Change Password below the Login button and follow the prompts.

Reset forgotten password
Select Forgot Password below the Login button and follow the prompts.

Password changes are confirmed via email. Should you receive a confirmation email but did not change your password, that email may be phishing or spam. If this is the case, mark the email as Spam in your Gmail account and go to the portal at to change your password. Then contact IT Service Desk immediately to let them know about the suspicious email.

Protect your Username

Take the online information security awareness training for employees. To access the courses, log in to Terranova - Security Awareness in the academic section under My Apps in the portal,