Graduate School of Professional and Continuing Studies

2023-2024 Academic Year

Applied Health Informatics (AHI): $1,000 per credit
Graduate Real Estate Institute Programs: $1,551 per credit
  • MS Real Estate
  • MS Real Estate Development
  • MS in Construction Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Finance
  • Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Development
  • Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Construction Management
  • Joint MS/Advanced Certificate

General Fee (per term) $95
Application Fee (MS Real Estate Programs) $80
Technology Fee (per term) $159
Course Auditing $339
College at Sixty $440 per course
Credit by Examination $339
Late Payment Fee (monthly) $15 or 1.5% on outstanding balance, whichever is greater
International Student Service Fee (per term) $67
Life Experience Credit/Portfolio Review Program (1 credit rate) $1,020
Real Estate Institute Fees (non-credit, PCS) $625
Real Estate Intensive Non-Credit Courses $995 to $1,995
  • PCS Non-Credit Courses
    Real Estate Instuite Regular Courses $595
    Real Estate Instuite Intensive Courses $995 to 1,995
    Management Accounting Preparation Course $595
    Digital and Social Media Marketing Program Course $495