Kickball Rules

Kickball Rules and Policies

***Intramural Kickball will not be held in the Spring 2023 Semester***

Player Eligibility

1. All participants are to be current students, faculty, staff, or administrator. Ids must be presented when asked for.

2. Players can only participate on one open team.

Number of Players

1. A team may consist of a minimum of nine players and a maximum of sixteen players.

2. All players may bat. The team must submit a lineup to the Intramural Sports scorekeeper and bat in order throughout the game. If a participant arrives late, they must be added to the bottom of the batting order. 

3. Teams may not play with less than 8 players. In the event a team only plays with eight players, an out will be recorded for the ninth spot in the batting order. 

Start of Game and Game Time

1. Game time is the starting time. There is a 5-minute grace period for late games. After that time, supervisors will declare a forfeit. 

2. Games will consist of seven innings. No inning shall begin 40 minutes past the original start time of the game.

3. During the regular season, all games that end in ties will be recorded as such. During playoffs, games will go into extra innings. During extra innings, teams will begin with the runner who made the last out in the previous inning at second base and one out.

Pitching Regulations

1. All pitchers must begin with both feet firmly on the ground with one or both feet touching the pitcher's rubber.

2. The pitcher's pivot foot must stay in contact with the pitcher's rubber throughout the delivery.

3. The pitcher must roll the ball in a smooth continuous motion towards the plate. Pitchers may spin the ball while rolling it.

Batting Regulations

1. All kicks must occur at or behind home plate.

2. While it is highly encouraged to kick the ball if it is rolled smoothly and in a continuous motion (regardless of spin), batters may take pitches that are too bouncy or not near home plate. 

3. On a third foul ball, a batter is declared out.

4. All kicked balls must be kicked past the pitcher in order to be considered in play. Any ball that is touched before crossing the pitchers mound is considered live.

5. Bunting is considered illegal. Any kick considered a bunt will be declared a foul ball.

Baserunning Regulations

1. Stealing of bases is illegal

2. All base runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is kicked. 

3. Runners will be declared out if a thrown ball contacts them below the shoulders. The ball may not hit the ground before making contact. Runners who purposely move their body in order to be struck above the shoulder will be called out. 

4. Runners may not slide in an attempt to break up a play and must avoid contact with the fielder on all force plays.