NBA 2K22 Rules

Game Scheduling

All games will be assigned a date and time. If you cannot play during the scheduled time, coordinate with your opponent to set a new date and time that works for both of you. The dates and times are more guidelines to stay organized. All games must be played and reported by 11:59pm Thursday night.


All players must have access to a XBox console or PlayStation console that is compatible with NBA 2K22, NBA 2K22 on their respective console and an online account for their console.

Forfeits and Cancellations

If you can't find a new time to play, the person who couldn't play at the original time will be issued a forfeit. If your opponent doesn't show or isn't responsive within 30 minutes of your scheduled game, it is a forfeit for them. Please submit a score of 100-0. If no score is entered by either team by Thursday at 11:59pm, then it is a double forfeit. Cancellations will not be accepted in this league. 


  • Difficulty: Superstar
  • Quarter Length: 6 minutes
  • Injury/Fatigue: On
  • Team selection
    • Players are permitted to use any of the normal 30 NBA teams
    • No special or all time/star team
    • Participants will not be forced to keep the same team all season long
  • If a glitch/freeze occurs in the system, the game will be completely restarted
  • Any attempt to make the game glitch/freeze or any cheating to gain advantage will result in an automatic forfeit
  • If you believe your opponent is cheating, report the violation to the Intramural Staff immediately


When reporting the score of the game, teams will also give their opponent a sportsmanship rating based on the following criteria:

  1. 4.0 (4) - Excellent Sportsmanship: Game play was smooth with no issues. Players did not pause the game during a live time and played the entire match. Talking between the opponents was cordial and not demeaning. 
  2. 3.0 (3) - Average Sportsmanship: Game play was mostly smooth. There were minimal instances of "trash talk" and it did not become vulgar or extreme. Games were paused for extended periods of time.
  3. 2.0 (2) - Below Average Sportsmanship: An excessive amount of trash talking throughout the game. Poor connection or lagging by the opponent.
  4. 1.0 (1) - Poor Sportsmanship: Communcation was aggressive and vulgar and borderline abusive. General unsportsmanlike gameplay.
  5. 0.0 (0) - Team quit the match during the middle of the game, extremely abusive and vulgar communication.

Players who receive three ratings at or below a 2 will be disqualified from further competition. A rating of a 1 or a 0 will require a meeting with the Intramural Sports staff prior to the next scheduled game.