FCLC Honors Program First-Year Experience

Two Female Students Working on Assignments

“The Honors Program is how I met my two best friends, and now off-campus roommates. It made transitioning into college very easy, because the 18 of us were forced to spend 4 classes a semester together freshman year, and therefore it made us all very comfortable around each other socially.

It also made it very easy to double major, because of the shrunken core. I began upper-level French classes right away, and was already linguistically prepared since I was already fluent in the language, but the upper-level nature of the honors courses made me academically prepared as well. Since the classes are so small and often more like seminars than lectures, it is very easy for students to build relationships with their professors and get individual help when needed." Lucy O'Brien '19

In the first semester, you will take:

  • Natural Science (an interdisciplinary math and science course)
  • English
  • Theology
  • A Writing Intensive

In the second semester, you will take:

  • Natural Science
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Speech and Rhetoric