Manresa Program Shared Expectations

Ignatian Integration Papers

In your fall semester as a Manresa Scholar, you submit three Ignatian Integration Papers. Each prompt invites you to think critically and creatively about how your Manresa course connects to the Program's academic, spiritual, and social initiatives. Each paper is submitted to your Manresa professor through a central online form by the prescribed due dates.

These three papers comprise 10% of your final Manresa course grade.

Integration Paper #1: September Prompt

Page 1: At the end of your first month as a Manresa Scholar, how have you positively contributed to our Integrated Learning Community (ILC) through participation in the academic, social, and spiritual programs we offer?

Page 2: Describe two concrete examples of how the material covered in your Manresa course aligns with the Ignatian emphasis on discovery and imagination?

Due Wednesday, September 22, 2021, to

Integration Paper #2: October Prompt

Page 1: Identify two Manresa programs that you attended this month and found the most meaningful. How did they support and/or challenge your current way of thinking/believing as a young adult?

Page 2: How has a concept from your Manresa course resonated with you as a young adult studying at a Jesuit school?

Due Friday, October 29, 2021, to

Integration Paper #3: November Prompt

Page 1: From all the Manresa programs in which you have participated thus far, which one intellectually, ethically, and/or spiritually challenged you the most and why?

Page 2: Briefly outline two spring semester programming ideas that our staff might organize with you.

Due Monday, November 22, 2021, to

Program Participation

As a member of Manresa, you participate in programs and events that reflect and develop Ignatian skills in four areas: Learning; Sharing; Serving; Reflecting. Scholars must participate in at least one program in each of these areas.

This will comprise 10% of your final Manresa course grade (2 ½% each).

1) Learning: one Manresa Academic Tutor Program
2) Sharing: one Manresa Community Colloquium
3) Serving: one Manresa Community-Engaged Learning Project

4) Reflecting: one Manresa-sponsored Spiritual event

Scholars self-report attendance through an online form: