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Crowdfunding Application

Seeking funding for your Fordham initiative?

Applications are being accepted for projects to crowdfund for the current academic year. Please review the following guidelines before submitting your proposal.

Eligible Projects:

  • Are affiliated with Fordham University and are non-profit in nature
  • Be a Fordham student club or activity 
  • Have a sponsoring Fordham department, program or center, with a fund to receive donations
  • Have committed project leaders
  • Have specific goals and measurable impacts that should be reached in a period of several weeks

Questions to ask yourself before applying for a Fordham crowdfunding Page

Please consider these questions and key recommendations for success while completing the form below:

  • Does your project have a clear, compelling story that project volunteers can share via their personal networks?
  • Do your project volunteers have strong personal networks without significant overlap?
  • Can you ensure that project volunteers are regularly reaching out to their networks for the duration of the campaign?
  • Do your volunteers have between 1-3 hours a week to put towards the campaign?
  • Recommended number of volunteers per campaign: 5-10 active members (will vary by project goal and size of personal networks).
  • Recommended fundraising goal range: $1,000-$15,000.
  • Recommended project time frame: 4-6 week prep, 30-45 days live.
  • Recommended volunteer updates during life of project: 4-8.