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GSE CLAIR Student Exit Survey

Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR)

We are asking recent GSE graduates to take a few minutes to complete the following survey. The survey is designed to gather your views and opinions about the degree or diploma program you recently completed.

The survey collects information anonymously, so be careful not to divulge your identity. Faculty will use the information provided in this survey along with the performance of its students on achieving the program’s standards to set goals to improve the program.

There are four (4) parts to the survey.

  • Part 1 asks general questions about the quality of your education and educational experiences;

  • Part 2 asks you about the academic challenge your program posed;

  • Part 3 asks a single question about how well the program prepared you to have an impact with children and clients.

  • Part 4 asks two questions about career and job preparation.