Corporate Communications Pipeline Program

The Corporate Communications Pipeline Program is a community-engaged-learning initiative that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion while also providing Gabelli School students with meaningful touchpoints with the Bronx community.


What is the Corporate Communications Program?

As a pilot, the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University began a partnership with Cardinal Hayes High School in 2018 to funnel more diverse applicants into the University’s admissions and recruitment process. Students in the program were exposed to the various business disciplines (i.e., finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and etc.) in the classroom. As a capstone project, program participants later use knowledge about the business disciplines to complete a consulting pitch proposal for a Fortune 500 company centered around corporate DEI strategies. The program ends with a pitch proposal competition judged by practitioners in the field. The program has expanded to include boys and girls as we strive to achieve more equity in our pipeline. A new cohort of girls and boys will participate in the program beginning Fall ’20. 
There were 12 participants in 2018 last, 5 of whom are currently matriculating at Fordham University.  There are two CCP alums currently enrolled at the Gabelli School of Business.

The program has expanded to include boys and girls as we strive to achieve more equity in our pipeline. We’ve partnered with Aquinas High School, an all-girls Catholic school in the Bronx, to further develop our recruitment efforts.

A new cohort of girls and boys will participate in the program beginning Fall ’20.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Corporate Communications Program is to provide NYC high schools with access to a rigorous business curriculum at the Gabelli School of Business. This will be achieved by empowering GSB students to coach corporate pitch proposals for community student teams. We are committed to stimulating academic, cultural, and social growth among all of our student participants.

What are the CCP goals

What are the CCP goals?

  • To enhance Gabelli School of Business students’ understanding of the Bronx community while promoting academic achievement, cultural knowledge, and social growth
  • To provide a rigorous business curriculum to community high schools designed to foster a spirit of inquiry while promoting access and exposure to a collegiate environment
  • Increase the number of community-engaged-learning hours at the Gabelli School of Business
  • To create an atmosphere of safety, encourage relationship-building, foster collaboration, and aid the college access efforts of community-serving Catholic high schools
  • To help all students stay connected  to the larger University system, and motivate students to become confident and productive members of the Gabelli School community
  • To educate GSB students about the rich cultural heritage of the Bronx, and the immense educational value of diverse perspectives


In an effort to increase C-E-L hours at the University, the college mentors receive 1 academic credit, which is attached to the sophomore Business Communications course. (2.5 total credits)

What are the Student CCP Goals?

  1. Exposure to basic business principles
  2. Exposure to collegiate curriculum
  3. Access to collegiate environment
  4. Help with the Fordham University admissions process
  5. Cash prize to the winning team 
  6. Mentorship from current Gabelli School of Business students
  7. Competency in communication skills

Communications Competencies

  1. Data Collection
  2. Research Analysis
  3. Advanced Writing
  4. Group Communications
  5. Posture/Hand Gestures/Facials/Eye Contact
  6. Vocal Production
  7. Aristotle’s Rhetorical Criticism


  1. Increased recruitment, enrollment, and retention of URM students 
  2. Aid in developing “cultural competency” standardization among administration and faculty 
  3. Link students with agencies in the community for volunteer work.

The CCP has also been featured in Fordham News: School Ties in the Bronx: Fordham and Cardinal Hayes High School.

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