M.S.S.D. Success Stories

Hongyuan Wang

Hongyuan Wang

MSSD ’18

Where are you working now?
I am a financial engineer at Fannie Mae.

Why Fordham?
I chose Fordham because of its fantastic reputation in New York, the great alumni network, and the flexibility in selecting elective courses. These courses gave me the opportunity to learn what I really needed and achieve my career goals.

What was the best part of your experience at the Gabelli School?
My best experience was representing Fordham in the CFA Research Challenge and breaking into the Final Four teams in New York State. The Gabelli School offered us an excellent experienced mentor, Mr. Robert Fuest, and the full support from Fordham Finance Society so that we were trained to be the professional equity research analysts. This experience was an integral stepping stone on my career path.

Were you involved in any activities while at Fordham?
I joined the Fordham Finance Society and took part in the CFA Research Challenge for 6 months, during which I met many alumni working on the Wall Street and learned about the real business world.

What was your favorite class at Fordham? Why was this your favorite class?
My favorite class was the explanatory models with associate professor Nagaraja. Not only have I learned the R programming and systematic methodology of statistical research, but also the professor was also super knowledgeable and offered substantial career advice.