Course Overview

IBB students take ten courses across two terms.

  • 4 English Language Courses of 3 credits each
  • 6 Immersion Language Business Courses of 3 credits each

Every term is tailored to the makeup of the class, with no two semesters being identical. Depending on your educational background and preparation, this program can be taken over one term, two terms, or three terms. Prospective students will meet with the school administration in order to determine the length of the program to meet their needs.

Sample Schedule:

English Language Course Titles

  • IBGB 6003 – Read & Write for Business I – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6009 – Read & Write for Business II – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6004 – Press and Public Speaking – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6005 – Communications: Speaking and Listening – Three Credits

Business Course Titles

  • IBGB 6001 – Applied Finance – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6002 – Financial Statement Analysis – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6006 – Excel Applications & Modeling – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6007 – Applied Economics & Analysis – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6008 – Marketing Analytics – Three Credits
  • IBGB 6012 – American Business Landscape – Three Credits

Following the successful completion of IBB, students become eligible to apply to any of the MS graduate business programs offered at the Gabelli School of Business without having to retake a language test. If you are certain about the program you want to enter, you may be able to access it by applying beforehand through IBB under conditional admission. Please discuss with your admissions counselor.

Participating MS Programs