Graduate Career Services

Six steps to success

The more prepared you are for your post-master’s career search, the greater your chances of success.

To increase your preparedness quotient, the Career Development Center (CDC) has devised a six-step process, called the Job Search Model, to help guide you toward the job you want. It begins even before you sit down in your first class at Fordham.

The process is designed to help you distinguish yourself in a highly competitive job market. It also will assist you in making wise career-related decisions based on your interests, motivators, and skills.

In the Job Search Model’s six steps, you will have the chance to:

  • Develop compelling materials to “market yourself” to employers
  • Improve your ability to network
  • Make good choices on which jobs to apply to, interview well, and negotiate offers

Visual overview of the process

Visual overview of the process

Graduate career advising offers a great deal in common for all Gabelli School students, but the CDC staff has developed tailored approaches for specific master’s programs. Use these links (or the ones in the gray box at left) to access the information that pertains to your degree: