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With every new organization that gets involved with the Responsible Business Center, we strengthen our vision of a socially just and environmentally conscious business world. We welcome expressions of interest and all forms of participation from organizations that want to be on the forefront of creating a better future for all.

This page provides an overview of Responsible Business Center opportunities for professionals. We invite organizations of all types — public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, from multinational to startup — to consider these possibilities and/or reach out to us with collaboration ideas of your own. After you have read this page, please contact the Responsible Business Center’s director, Leigh Anne Statuto, at [email protected] and introduce yourself. We’ll get back in touch to talk about next steps.

Convenings and collaborations

Improving business models and breaking with old practices is challenging for any industry, but we have a better chance of success when we work together. Responsible Business Center “convenings” are a chance for business leaders to get together with peers who are grappling with the same challenges to discuss strategies, supported by Fordham academic experts and nonprofit leaders. The Responsible Business Center focuses its convenings on topics that executives have told us represent difficult issues on which they could use data, insight, and the chance to discuss best practices with fellow leaders inside and outside of their sectors.

The Responsible Business Center and its partners also sponsor formal conferences each year that serve many of these same purposes. Among these events is the annual PVH Corp. Market Forces Conference, where presenters dig into consumer sentiment and decision-making, ESG leadership trends, and the impact of recent policy changes, among other topics.

Executive training

The Gabelli School of Business’ executive education department develops new short courses each year to meet the needs of working professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills on ESG-related topics. Explore our current offerings, which include:

  • ESG Boot Camp: A half-day executive workshop on the ESG risks and opportunities that companies face in areas such as climate, pollution and waste, the workforce, product liability, business ethics, and cybersecurity.
  • SASB Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Levels 1 and 2 Prep: These eight-hour cover the key topics that are addressed in each FSA certification exam. They are offered as one eight-hour in-person session or in a trio of online sessions (two three-hour blocks and a two-hour block).

Fordham business faculty members are also able to customize executive training programs on the topics that interest you and your colleagues. These can be designed to your specifications and delivered either on-site at your offices, virtually, or on campus at the Gabelli School’s locations in midtown Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester, or London. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your needs.

Internships and recruiting

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The Gabelli School’s mission is to develop the next generation of compassionate, people- and planet-focused business leaders who will improve our world. Our students’ coursework, extracurricular activities, academic competitions, and other experiences prepare them to be business professionals who are committed to positive change. Through the Gabelli School’s Career Development Center, the Responsible Business Center can connect companies and organizations with Gabelli School students who can bring their talents and unique outlook to internships or full-time roles.

The Responsible Business Center also works with companies to develop full internship programs that give students hands-on work experience in ESG contexts. The Estée Lauder internship is one example. We invite you to talk with us about what a similar program might look like at your company.

Responsible Business Center resources

The RBC prepares reports, case studies, webinars, and other products that can help business leaders improve their understanding and knowledge of responsible business. Visit our Get Informed page to learn about all the information that we make available.

Social media

Whether you are ready to get involved with the Responsible Business Center today or are simply curious about what we do, join us on social media. Use the links below to find and follow.