Fashion Coalition


Our “why”

As an industry valued at $2.5 trillion, fashion has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world. Seizing that potential requires the industry to replace many existing business practices with people- and planet-focused solutions that will reduce negative effects.

The RBC’s Fashion Coalition believes that the future prosperity of the fashion industry lies in sustainability and responsible action. This group combines hard data with forward-thinking strategy to identify, implement, scale, and draw the world’s attention to new modes of operation for the fashion industry. The coalition believes that through a deep understanding of scientific and social research, the industry can transform in ways that protect ecosystems and people while driving business value and profitability.

Who’s involved

The Fashion Coalition supports the leadership of more than 275 brands based in more than 100 countries. By convening CEOs and other leaders, the coalition sparks collective action to reduce the negative impacts of fashion, incubating actionable, scalable, and business-positive solutions that transform the industry. It has partnerships with dozens of leading non-governmental organizations and other nonprofits, and its work is informed by research done at the Gabelli School of Business and other like-minded academic institutions around the world. It seeks to push the industry forward across its entire value chain — from the farmers who produce the raw materials to the shoppers who buy the products, and at every step in between.

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