Gabelli School of Business Awards for Rose Hill Students

Rose Hill Undergrad Awards Ceremony

May 19, 2023, 3 p.m.
Fordham Prep Theater

To recognize the many achievements of our undergraduate students, the Gabelli School of Business bestows a wide range of awards—each with its own significance and criteria.

Below is a complete list.

  • This award honors students whose overall record in both curricular and extracurricular aspects exemplifies the best in the Gabelli School of Business. These students represent outstanding new entrants into the alumni body and are models of what students should strive to be. Winners of this award have demonstrated the ability to find balance in life among work, play, and service.

  • This award recognizes the highest cumulative GPA attained by a Gabelli School student in the HEOP Program. It is named for Angela Lopez, a HEOP student of great personal warmth and academic dedication.

  • The C-Step Award is given to a student who exemplifies the mission of the C-Step program: scholarship, professional development and commitment to succeed.

  • Presented to the senior athlete with the highest scholastic grade point average from the Gabelli School of Business.

  • This superior scholarship award is for a senior who has done outstanding work in accounting

  • Sponsored by the NYS Society of CPAs

  • These awards are presented in memory of Pat Ramsey, a beloved management professor and a true champion of student research. Working side by side with her friend, Associate Professor Marcia Flicker, Pat inspired students to pursue independent research on business topics and develop their findings into publishable papers.

  • Given to students who represent the ideals of global business education and who participated actively in the International Business Association, a student organization.

  • Recognizes standout students whose curricular and co-curricular pursuits have a positive impact on the local and global economy.

  • Given to students whose work and personal values support the idea that business can be conducted in a way that creates benefits for society.

  • Given to students who possess the entrepreneurial traits of open-mindedness, creativity, innovation, and resilience.

  • This award is presented to exceptional students in the Gabelli School of Business evening program.

  • Patricia David, BS ’81, has committed her career to increasing diversity in the business world. This award in her name recognizes students who have worked to advance the cause of women and underrepresented populations in business.

  • Honors graduating seniors who are truly “men and women for others.”

  • Given to students who exemplify the Jesuit value of “care for the whole person,” showing a commitment to the holistic development of their peers and others.


  • This award honors students who have made outstanding effors to promote and advance educational and social programs at the Gabelli School of Business

  • The recipient of this award is a senior athlete concentrating in finance who has successfully balanced academics along with his or her athletic commitment.


  • Awarded to a student who, in the Jesuit tradition, exemplifies a personal character of deep compassion, steady perseverance, and spiritual fortitude. The Award is in Memory of Rachel Ragone, member of our Class of 2018.

  • The Alumni Chair Award is presented to one senior from each undergraduate school who exhibits the ability to inspire his or her peers; who achieves excellence in intellectual and extracurricular endeavors; and who lives out the Ignatian principles Fordham seeks to instill in its students, such as the pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to being a man or woman for others. Above all, the Alumni Chair Award is presented to an individual who exhibits exemplary Fordham spirit and pride.

  • Awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in all areas of the undergraduate experience, personifying Fordham’s mission by making excellence the focus of their life.

  • Recognizes one student’s remarkable commitment to the Fordham community.