Advising with Dean Daly

As a Jesuit institution, the Gabelli School views your education as a mixture of academics and experience—and by experience, we mean working in the real world. This provides a critical complement to your classroom learning, allowing you to apply your growing knowledge and test your skills. Along the way, you also will gain insight into the possible paths you may take.

To facilitate this, I strongly encourage you to lean on me for guidance and support.  While Father Vin will shepherd you through the Gabelli School's academic experience, my personal goal is to help guide your professional development as you seek to test the waters—and your skills—as an intern for top firms in the heart of Manhattan. I will accomplish this by acting in partnership with your Lincoln Center faculty career advisor to ensure that your career-guidance needs are being met and that you're aware of all the career-development events and services you are offered. 

There is much to do and learn to prepare you for the rigors of employment. To get from where you are to where you need to be, you’ll have the help of an excellent team, including staff from University-wide undergraduate Career Services and from the Gabelli School's Personal and Professional Development Center (PPD). We even have a comprehensive Undergraduate Checklist for you that includes major experiences and “to do” items for each academic year—all vetted by students, who confirmed these steps as crucial to their academic and professional success. 

From career fairs to Spotlight Series events, mock interviews and one-on-one coaching, Gabelli School career programming will help you to navigate the wealth of internship opportunities—and, eventually, full-time jobs—available right here in New York City and in other great places around the world. Opportunities are there for the taking.

When you're ready to begin exploring your career options, we're here to assist you.  Backed by our range of career resources and events, together we will help you to get noticed, land interviews, and professionally and competently showcase everything you have to offer. The rest, as they say, will be up to you.


Robert Daly
Assistant Dean for the Bachelor of Science in Global Business
140 West 62nd Street, Room 217


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