French Language

July 13 - 17
Instructor: Kately Demougeot

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This workshop will provide an overview of the structure and content of the AP® French Language and Culture Exam, and take an analytical look at students' performance and scores on the exam. The workshop will provide opportunities to discuss approaches to vertical and horizontal planning for an AP® course and an AP® program. Participants will engage in developing lesson plans and evaluation tasks based on the six themes and three modes of communication which frame the course. Additionally, participants will exchange strategies as well as resources currently available to assist in the day-to-day classroom teaching and learning context.

About the Instructor

Dr. Kately Demougeot is a French professor at Montgomery College. She has been a reader and table leader at the AP® reading for the past twelve years. Kately is also a consultant for College Board® in French language. She has presented at the Northeast Conference of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and at the ICCL (International Conference of Caribbean Literature).

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