U.S. Government and Politics

July 11 - July 14, 2022

Instructor: Jonathan Milner

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Welcome to the AP® GoPo section of the AP® Summer Institute.

This summer we will focus on the AP® Government and Politics Redesign!

At the institute you will:

  • Become familiar with the AP® U.S. Government and Politics redesigned curriculum & exam.
  • Receive and create redesigned exams, lessons & supplementary materials.
  • Design lessons, exams, and strategies to build student success on the AP® redesign.
  • Learn AP® U.S. redesigned government content and skills.
  • Practice integrating technology into the AP® U.S. Government curriculum.
  • Prepare for the AP® U.S. Government and Politics course redesign.

During our seminar we will cover:

  • Goals.
  • Concerns, expectations, questions.
  • AP® Curriculum.
  • AP® Access and Equity.
  • AP® exam structure.
  • National AP® statistics.
  • Curriculum content.
  • AP® Government Skills.
  • Building an AP® syllabus.
  • Multiple choice exam review.
  • AP® Free Response Exam Workshop.
  • AP® Multiple Choice Exam Workshop.
  • Model lessons.
  • Journal reviews.
  • Primary sources for the redesign.
  • Outside readings.
  • Textbook selection.
  • Building critical thinking.
  • Supplementary materials and programs.
  • Technology, technology, technology.
  • Projects.
  • Engaging student citizens.

About the Instructor

Jonathan Milner is a 20+ year veteran high school teacher, having worked in inner-city Houston, the North Carolina Governor’s School, the Career Center AP® Magnet school, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Milner has also been a College Board® AP® Exam reader and an AP® consultant for the past 20 years. Jonathan currently works for the National Math and Science Initiative, training AP® Government teachers in high poverty schools nationwide. He believes that every student deserves a challenging and engaging education.

Milner has trained teachers in AP® Summer Institutes at Davidson College, Wake Forest University, William and Mary, Maryville College, Montgomery College, Maryland, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and The University of San Diego. Jonathan has also led one-day workshops at numerous high schools, The University of Virginia, and at The University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has presented at the College Board® AP® National Conference in San Antonio, Texas and Washington, DC., and at the KIPP National Charter School Conference in Houston, Texas. Additionally, Milner leads professional development, delivers direct student instruction, and mentors teachers in New York City. He has also tailored one-day and weeklong professional development for entire social studies departments in Virginia, North Carolina, and California. Jonathan's AP® Government curriculum is used by teachers and students in every state in the U.S., and his GoPo Pro website inspires scholarship and citizenship with more than 350,000+ annual page views.

All participants need to agree that you will not make any video or audio recordings of any APSI sessions, for any use, including personal use, without the prior written consent of College Board.

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