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BS/MS Programs

BS/MS Programs

For current Gabelli School students interested in completing their Fordham business education through the master’s level in five years, the Gabelli School offers several options.

GMAT/GRE waivers are available for Fordham undergraduate students who qualify.

MS in Accounting

The BS/MS Program in Accounting offers students pursuing CPA-Licensure the option of completing a MS in Professional Accounting within one year after completing undergraduate studies. 

MS in Taxation

The BS/MS Program in Taxation offers students pursuing CPA-Licensure the option of completing a MS in Professional Taxation within one year after completing undergraduate studies. 


A BS/JD track is available for undergraduate students intending to pursue a law degree, with a separate program and advisor. Interested students are advised to email Dennis Cappello at for more information.

MS in Media Management

Students completing any BS degree at the Gabelli School of Business may continue for an MS in Media Management, applying as many as six qualified undergraduate credits toward their MS degree. Students enrolled in the BS/MS Program can earn this advanced degree within 12 months of receiving their bachelor’s degree.

Courses that can qualify for 6 graduate credits waiver

Gabelli Undergraduate courses

  • CMBU 4471  The Business of New Media
  • CMBU 4453  Social Media
  • CMBU 4474  Exploring Business Through Media (offered at RH)
  • CMBU 4488  Business of Sports Media (offered at RH)
  • CMBU 4412  Understanding Audiences and Users (offered at LC)
  • CMBU 4413  Digital Media and Promotional Communication (offered at LC)
  • CMBU 3434  Integrated Marketing Communication

Fordham College Communication and Media Studies/New Media and Digital Design Courses that can qualify for the 6 credits, in addition to the Gabelli courses above.

  • COMC 3174  Public Relations
  • COMC 3186  Sports Communication
  • COMC 3380  International Communication
  • COMC 2175  Persuasion and Public Opinion
  • COMC 2329  Introduction to Media Industries
  • COMC 3173  Marketing and the Media
  • COMC 3350  New Media and Communication Law
  • COMC 2112  Strategic Communication
  • DTEM 1401  Introduction to Digital Technology and Emerging Media
  • DTEM 3476  Social Media
  • NMDD 3308  Professional Social Media
  • INSY 4431  Web Analytics
  • INSY 4505  Electronic Commerce
  • INSY 4432  Mobile Commerce and Applications
  • MKBU 3434  Integrated Marketing Communication

Admission to the BS/MS Program is by application only.