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Ride for Free

The Department of University Transportation is proud to offer free passes to students meeting certain qualifications.

Passes are issued on the Wednesday prior to the start of the term and are automatically issued on a weekly basis for all students whose class schedule meets our eligibility requirements. Please note that all pass guidelines, found below, are still in effect:

  • If you register after the semester has already commenced, you will not receive passes until the Wednesday after you register.
  • The Ram Van office is not responsible for lost or stolen passes.
  • Full-time employees of Fordham University are not eligible to receive free passes.
  • Passes are for the student who received them only. Any recipient of passes caught selling their passes will be reported to the Dean of Student Life and Public Safety.

For more information about free passes, including instructions on how to file a request for passes, please visit our blog.

Apply for Free Passes

Please ensure that you have reviewed all the qualifications associated with free passes. Upon doing so, we encourage you to submit a Free Pass Request if you believe that you are eligible.

Passes for Class


If you are a resident in Fordham housing and take at least one class at an alternate campus, then you are eligible to receive free passes. Eligible students will automatically receive digital passes on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.

Passes are assigned using the student’s home campus as the departure point. For resident students, their home campus is determined by the location of their residence.


If you are a commuter student and take classes at more than one campus simultaneously, then you are eligible to receive free passes. Note: If you do not live in Fordham housing, you are considered a commuter student, regardless of the proximity of your residence to any campus.

Passes are assigned using the student’s home campus as the departure point. For commuter students, their home campus is determined entirely by their school of enrollment.


Professors who require their students to travel to destinations other than class (photography lab, museum, botanical garden research, etc.) must submit a signed memo on their department letterhead, detailing their students' exact travel needs in order to receive free passes. Professors can either email or mail said memo to the Department of University Transportation.

NOTE: Free passes are not eligible for professors' office hours, group meetings with classmates, breaks between classes, nor travel for work in between classes. Please keep this in mind when creating your class schedule.

How to pick up passes if you qualify:

Eligible students will have passes automatically added to their accounts on a weekly basis. Pass balances, reservation history, and other services are available via our online reservation system. Please visit our blog for more info on free pass issuance and appeals.

Passes for Clubs and Extracurricular Activities


Students who wish to participate in a club (excluding club sports) that does not exist nor have an equivalent at their campus may receive free passes to attend scheduled meetings/events at the campus where the club exists.

Club Sports

Students who do not reside at Rose Hill, but have been approved by the Athletics Department to participate in a club sport, should have their travel expenses paid by Athletics or the team, depending on internal Athletics Department guidelines/policies. See the director of club sports for more information.

NOTE: Student groups traveling as part of a group/club function shall NOT be granted free passes, but instead, shall incur the cost of such travel out of the group’s budget as decided on by the group, subject to the by-laws of the Office of Student Involvement. In this case, groups wishing to utilize Ram Vans must charter a trip.

Intramural Sports

Free passes may be granted for students who wish to participate in intramural sports that do not exist at their home campus. (Such cases will be treated on a case-by-case basis).

Student Workers

Students who work on a campus other than where they reside or attend class are not eligible for free passes since they are compensated. Department managers who wish to provide tickets for their student workers are encouraged to purchase discount books via budget expense.

How to Pick Up Passes if you Qualify

  • For clubs: The moderator/advisor must submit a request via our pass request form. Requests made directly by students will be denied.
  • For intramural sports: Students who wish to participate in intramural sports that do not exist at their home campus should acquire a team schedule from the Fordham University Intramurals Office, and also a roster verifying the student's participation on said team. After obtaining both the schedule and roster, the student should attach this documentation to his/her Pass Request submission in order to receive passes for the duration of the sports season.

Passes for Internships

Who is eligible?

If you have a credit-bearing, unpaid internship at any location that is closest to a campus that you do not attend, you are eligible for free passes.

All free pass requests for said internships must go through the Office of Career Services. Please visit their offices at Rose Hill (McGinley 224) or Lincoln Center (140 W. 62nd, Room G49).

Please visit the Office of Career Services' website to learn more about free Ram Van passes for internships.

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