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Fordham's Identity

Fordham's Identity

Brand Points

What are Fordham’s four most important identify or brand points?

University Marketing and Communications strives to include the following four characteristics in all of our publications and marketing materials:

  • Jesuit tradition
  • academic excellence
  • New York City location
  • global perspective

"The Jesuit University of New York"

The tagline appears in our wordmark and throughout publications, and broad, consistent usage is encouraged. It encompasses several important elements of our character: our Jesuit tradition, our academic excellence and our location in New York. Fordham University’s tagline must be used carefully without alteration.

"New York is My Campus. Fordham is My School."

Similarly to our tagline, Fordham’s manifesto expresses important elements of our character. The manifesto was developed several years ago by ____. The University’s manifesto must be used carefully without alteration. Its use is governed by strict stipulations and should be reviewed by University Marketing and Communications before production.

History and Mission

Fordham’s history and mission—as well as all new stories, programs, events, friendly faces, and soaring buildings—shape the character of our identity. Learn more about Fordham’s history and mission.

Please direct any questions about use of our identity to Fordham University Marketing and Communications at