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Boyda Johnstone

Boyda JohnstonePh.D.

BA, University of Calgary
MA, University of Calgary
PhD, Fordham University (2016)

Field of Study: Medieval

Courses Taught
Composition I: Writing Culture 
Composition II
Texts and Contexts: Dreaming in Literature from the Medieval to the Modern 
Advanced Disciplinary Study: Dreamers and Visionaries in Medieval Literature


Dissertation Title
Immersive Reading: Dreamers and Their Books in Late Medieval England


Dissertation Description
Johnstone's dissertation examines the groundswell of interest in dreams and visions between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries in England, arguing that the multivalent realm of dreaming offered readers renewed and sometimes controversial ways of approaching their everyday lives. Her chapters span the diverse materials of dream interpretation guides, literary dream visions, apocalypse manuscripts and illustrations, and the medium of stained glass in an effort to get closer to an understanding of what dreaming meant to medieval people.