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Tips and Tricks

  • Text must first be stripped of formatting before added to Jadu. Use Notepad on a PC or TextEdit on a Mac to strip formatting

  • Select all content ('Command+A' on Mac or 'Control+A' on PC), Copy content ('Command+C' on Mac or 'Control+C' on PC), and Paste content in text area ('Command+V' on Mac or 'Control+V' on PC) then select all and choose 'Normal' under format to follow website stylesheet

  • Use subheads in place of bold

  • Use bold sparingly

  • Do not underline text on the web, underlined text means it is a link and it is taking you somewhere

  • Use buttons for calls-to-action

  • Do not use 'click here'

  • Do not refer to navigation on left, there is no left navigation on mobile and tablets

  • Test all of your pages on different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)

  • Search for your Homepages and Document pages in Jadu.

  • Jadu Troubleshooting (sites designed well, stackable supplements, page improvements)