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Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum, recently revised by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, is central to its larger mission and identity as a university in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions preparing students for responsible leadership in a global society.

As stated in the University missions statement, "Fordham affirms the value of a core curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and sciences. The University seeks to foster in all its student's life-long habits of careful observation, critical thinking, creativity, moral reflection, and articulate expression."

The core curriculum advances the design of the undergraduate curriculum as a whole. As students' majors and electives allow specialization and individualization in their studies, the core curriculum assures that every student's undergraduate education is anchored, as a whole, in the liberal arts as presented by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The Fordham Core Curriculum is unique in its integration of requirements throughout the student's attendance and development at the university.

Core Curriculum in the Undergraduate Bulletin

Core Curriculum Course Requirements
Core Curriculum Executive Summary

Proposals for Core Curriculum Courses
To submit a proposal:

  1. Go to the relevant cover sheet: Eloquentia Perfecta, Interdisciplinary Capstone, Value Seminar, American Pluralism or Global Studies
  2. Fill out the required information and answer the questions;
  3. Use the browse button to locate your syllabus and open it. Once you open the syllabus, it is attached to the cover sheet.
  4. Fill in the required number for security purposes.
  5. Click on the Submit button. You will receive an immediate Thank You and subsequently will receive an email confirming your submission.

To submit a proposal for Social Science, Mathematical/Computational Reasoning, Natural Science or Fine Performing Arts, please send to the CCC Chair, Robert Hume with copies to the Associate Dean of the appropriate College (Mark Mattson for FCLC;  John Houston for PCS).

The Approval Timetable is available for these courses.