IT Security Awareness

Security awareness means knowing how to protect University and personal information assets. The UISO has many resources to increase and support security awareness.

UISO Online Security Training for Employees
The UISO Security Training for Employees was created in partnership with SANS Securing The Human, a leading provider of security awareness training. It will help you better protect the University and yourself from increasingly sophisticated threats by malicious computer users. Employees who handle credit card numbers are required to take this training 
course, and it can be found under My Organizations in Blackboard.

Malicious Traffic on the Internet
The Infocon monitor below reflects changes in malicious traffic on the web that may affect Internet connectivity not only at Fordham, but anywhere: your home, your workplace, and other public and private network connections will.

Every host connected to the Internet is affected by heavy traffic due to worms and viruses. Some cause more disruptions than others. When a worm or virus has been identified and the number of affected users declines, the network disruptions decrease, as well.

The Infocon monitors the condition of the Internet infrastructure only. It does NOT monitor Fordham University, particular countries, companies, or institutions. 

Internet Storm Center Infocon Status