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Care for the Parent

A Fordham Wellness Initiative

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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is far-reaching, and nearly every aspect of our lives has been affected. We understand that, in addition to anxiety and uncertainty, you may be unexpectedly dealing with a new set of family dynamics—your student is adjusting to distance learning, and you may be adjusting to living under the same roof together again.

In this series of videos, we’ve brought together three Fordham clinical psychologists to share insights and strategies for helping families cope and find some harmony and peace during this difficult time.


  • Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Fordham College at Rose Hill
  • David Marcotte, S.J., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Jeffrey Ng, Psy.D., Director of Fordham's Counseling and Psychological Services
Rachel Annunziato
David Marcotte
Jeffrey Ng


New Episodes

Episode 4: Dealing with Disappointment, Part One

Episode 5: Dealing with Disappointment, Part Two

Previous Episodes

Episode 1: Dealing with Disruption and Loss

Episode 2: Supporting Your Student

Episode 3: Managing Family Stress

Suggest Topics for Upcoming Episodes

What are you struggling with at home right now? We’d love suggestions on future topics as well as feedback on our current vidoes.

Additional Information and Resources

Fordham Contacts

  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Deans of Students
    • 212-636-6250 (LC)
    • 718-817-4755 (RH)
  • Fordham College at Lincoln Center Dean's Office
    • 212-636-6000
  • Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean's Office
    • 718-817-4700
  • Gabelli School of Business Dean's Office
    • 212-636-6165 (LC)
    • 718-817-4466 (RH)

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