Faculty member with two female students - LGScholars and Mentors

Think of our faculty as your guides. This journey of experience, reflection, and action is a key aspect of Jesuit teaching; as much as we’ve chosen our faculty for their ability to help you on this exploration, they’ve chosen us because it’s a pedagogy they believe in, too.

But these teachers are also active scholars. Through research, they pose questions; through teaching, they mold the students who continue the road of discovery

You’ll get to know these faculty members over time. For starters, there’s our 13-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which practically guarantees close contact in classes. But there are also ample opportunities to collaborate in other ways. Maybe you’ll be tapped to work with a faculty mentor in the Matteo Ricci Fellowships Seminar; if you major in the sciences, perhaps you’ll work at the Louis Calder Center, our biological field station. And there are the connections you’ll make—our faculty have deep ties to city institutions that often help pave the way to internships.