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A Support Space for International Students

We are providing a safe space and confidential within the Fordham Counseling Center for students who wish to share their experience of the novel Coronavirus situation that is happening back home.

This supportive space can be used as a place to discuss:

  • The impact of Coronavirus on public health and mental health of students.
  • Concerns about friends, family and loved ones back home.
  • Travel abroad concerns.
  • Biases and micro-aggressions towards International students.

This group is open to all Fordham students at the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. We will meet weekly in 140 West 62 nd St., room G02, Lincoln Center on Tuesdays from 5 - 6 p.m. For more information or if you are not available at this time or location, please contact Kevin Rustam, Psy.D. at 212-636-6225.

我们在心理咨询中心提供一个安全的空间给希望分享这次关于新冠肺炎情况 的经历 这个互助空间可以讨论

  • 新冠肺炎对学生公共卫生和心理健康的影响
  • 家乡的家人朋友以及所爱的人的担忧
  • 出国旅游的担忧
  • 对国际学生的歧视和攻击或挑衅

这个小组开放给林肯中心及玫瑰丘校园的所有学生。我们会在每星期二下午 五点至六点在心理咨商中心140 West 62nd st., room G02, 林肯中心校园 如果你想了解更多讯息或者你没办法在这个时间来,请联络凯文(Kevin Rustam) 212-636-6225.