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CRC Events

Until further notice, all events have been postponed.

Upcoming Events

A Poor Church for the Poor

The Community of Sant’Egidio and the Radical Ministry of Pope Francis:
An Evening with Marco Impagliazzo, President of Sant’Egidio

Event Postponed

Marco Impagliazzo with the Sant'Egidio Community

The Community of Sant’Egidio is one of the most remarkable, and lesser-known, examples of faith in action in the Catholic Church today. The identity of the Community of Sant'Egidio is guided by what Pope Francis has called the three P's: Prayer, Peace, and the Poor. 

Since 1968, the Community has offered a powerful witness of lay people living out their faith through programs that, for example, provide material and emotional support for the elderly, the homeless, and those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Sant’Egidio has also worked closely with Pope Francis on a number of projects, such as resettling refugees, developing the Humanitarian Corridors program that has settled over 2,500 refugees in Italy, and operating the Pope’s recently opened home for the homeless.

Sant'Egidio has also been an effective protagonist for global peacemaking, most recently helping to broker an end to hostilities in the brutal and long-running South Sudan conflict.

The Community has been nominated for a Nobel Prize for Peace.

Sant’Egidio’s president, Marco Impagliazzo, will be in New York for meetings at the United Nations and he will speak with Fordham’s community about Sant’Egidio’s mission in today’s world, how they are working to assist the Pope, and how faith can make a difference.

The Future of Conservatism: From Edmund Burke to Donald Trump to ... What’s Next?

Burke to Reagan to … The Donald?

Event Postponed

Burke, Trump, and Reagan Collage

What is conservatism today? The election of Donald Trump ended the old “fusionism” alliance of free markets, family values, fiscal discipline, and an assertive foreign policy. Arguments about populism and nationalism, trade wars and moral rationalizing now dominate conservative discourse and the Republican Party.

The debate is intense. The stakes are high. The future is unclear.

Prominent young conservatives will discuss how conservatism came to this pass, whether it’s a good or bad development, and where conservatism — and the GOP — are heading, regardless if Trump wins or loses in November.

Red State, Blue City

A Front Row Look at “Back Row America” 

Event Postponed

Houses in Amsterdam, NY

The 2020 Russo Family Lecture
A panel of powerful writers with first-hand knowledge of working-class people in hardscrabble communities across America share their stories and experiences of one of the most iconic and misunderstood segments of U.S. society.

The white, rural, Trump supporter has become a caricature that distorts and obscures reality. In fact, many in our overstressed underclass are not white. They live in cities like New York as well as in the Heartland. They may support Trump -- or no one in particular. They are alienated from a society that has little use for them, except as a convenient talking point.

In this discussion, journalists, memoirists, and a historian explore the economic and social devastation, and the faith and culture, of what Chris Arnade calls “back row America.”

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Featured Past Events

Pope Francis: Reform and Resistance

Panelists talking at the Pope Francis: Reform and Resistance event

Papal biographer Austen Ivereigh and the Fate of the Papacy

November 4, 2019

As Francis’s remarkable pontificate approaches its seventh anniversary, the pope is facing an increasingly virulent and vocal opposition -- much of it based in the United States or funded by American Catholics. How serious is this opposition? Is it damaging the Church? The papacy? Or is it only directed at Francis and will recede when he leaves the scene?

These questions will be at the heart of a discussion with Austen Ivereigh, who will be at Fordham for the United States launch of his new biography, Wounded Shepherd: Pope Francis and His Struggle to Convert the Catholic Church.

Does Faith Have a Future?

A Symposium on God, Religion, and the ‘Nones’

October 15, 2019

“None of the above” is the fastest-growing religious identifier in the United States, a category boosted by a surge of younger people. This generational shift is the greatest challenge facing religious communities, and one with enormous implications for American society: the “Nones” have fewer social connections and less social capital than their parents and grandparents.

What does this disaffiliation mean for the future of the U.S.? What does it mean for the future of faith? Who are the “Nones” anyway? Are they atheists? Agnostics? Just indifferent? “The ‘Meh’ Generation”? Or does their attitude point toward a new path for traditional religious communities?

Participants included:

Cracks in the Secular

James K. A. Smith and the Augustinian Call

October 2, 2019

Our modern world has a particular vision of what the “pursuit of happiness” means. Independence. Self-sufficiency. Conforming the world to our desires.

James K. A. Smith — philosopher, popular lecturer, and prolific author -- understands the attraction of such secular happiness, especially for young people. But he also detects what he calls “cracks in the secular,” signs that can illuminate a different path to happiness.

Smith shared insights from his new book on spiritual seeking, On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts.