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Kerygma Koffee

Kerygma Koffee is a coffee-house style lecture and conversation series that seeks to engage the Fordham community on contemporary issues in society, religion, culture, education and politics through a faith-focused lens.

Kerygma is a Greek word often found in the New Testament that means to "proclaim" or "preach". It is our hope to lead an ecumenical discussion inspired by a variety of speakers and presenters that takes into account perspectives from all walks of life, with everything from the mainstream to those that "are on the peripheries."

We have hosted theologians, former judges, philosophers, missionaries; priests, nuns, rabbi's and laity; members from both within the community and friends of Fordham. It is through open and comfortable discourse that we seek to bring our community closer and to foster a greater understanding between its' members. Come join us for a cup of Koffee!

For information about current events, please contact:

Mrs. Carol Gibney
Phone: 718-817-4518
Fax: 718-817-4505
University Church 03

Meet our Kerygma Koffee Student Council

Amy Carillo is a member of the Fordham Class of 2020 Amy Carrilloand majoring in Environmental Studies. She's passionate about protecting and restoring the environment. Her future goals involve being part of the preservation of all the Earth’s inhabitants.

Liam Scott is a sophomore in Fordham College Rose HillLiam Scott and hails from Philadelphia, PA. Besides Kerygma Koffee at Fordham, Liam leads campus tours through the Rose Hill Society and plays on the Ultimate Frisbee team. In the summers, Liam works as a camp counselor at Camp Downer in Sharon, Vermont. He graduated from Philadelphia’s Jesuit High School, St. Joseph’s Prep, and has taken part in one of Fordham’s excellent Global Outreach projects, attending GO! El Salvador in 2018. He's very excited to be a member of this year's Kerygma Koffee Student Council!

Vanessa Rotondo, FCRH '17, GSE '19, is a graduate Vanessa Rotondostudent studying Catholic Educational Leadership in Fordham's Graduate School of Education. She has been involved with Kerygma Koffee since 2014 and has a strong interest in the Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality. She's a big fan of all things Fordham.

Elly Rodriguez is a junior at Fordham College Rose Hill,campus ministry, retreat studying Psychology and Theology. She's so glad to be on the Kerygma Koffee Council this year and to continue the dialogue of faith and the world with all of you! She's am excited to see all the new perspectives and voices we will hear from this year and hopes to meet you there! 

Tiana Sepahpour is an Environmental Studies and TianaPhilosophy double major and a senior at FCRH, who joined Kerygma Koffee as a freshman.  She is a self-proclaimed dog AND cat person and can often be found volunteering at the animal shelter or bringing kittens home to foster over break.  Her favorite Arthur Avenue spot is Prince, where she justifies spending all her money on their desserts as long as she's doing her philosophy readings too! 

Frannie Vena-Pedersen is a sophomore communications Franniemajor. She's interested in a wide variety of topics, but is primarily interested in finding ways to make the world a better place for all of its inhabitants. 

Eric Stolar is  is a senior at Rose Hill Kerygma photomajoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Environmental Politics, Government, and Regulation. Many of his interests draw from the sustainability and equity of all forms of life, both human and animal. He believes that whether you are a human, animal, or even a plant you have the right to live a life full of love and happiness granted to you by living in peace with those around you. Through reflection, discernment, prayer, and respect for all, he believes that we have the ability to protect our beautiful world from life's darkest times.