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Kerygma Koffee

Kerygma Koffee is a coffee-house style lecture and conversation series that seeks to engage the Fordham community on contemporary issues in society, religion, culture, education and politics through a faith-focused lens.

Kerygma is a Greek word often found in the New Testament that means to “proclaim” or “preach”. It is our hope to lead an ecumenical discussion inspired by a variety of speakers and presenters that takes into account perspectives from all walks of life, with everything from the mainstream to those that "are on the peripheries."

We have hosted theologians, former judges, philosophers, missionaries; priests, nuns, rabbi's and laity; members from both within the community and friends of Fordham. It is through open and comfortable discourse that we seek to bring our community closer and to foster a greater understanding between its' members. Come join us for a cup of Koffee!

For information about current events, please contact:

Mrs. Carol Gibney
Phone: 718-817-4518
Fax: 718-817-4505
University Church 03