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Common Grounds Conversations

There are two main components of the Pedro Arrupe Volunteers - direct service and engagement with our neighbors and community partners and educating for a faith that does justice through our Common Grounds Conversations speaker series.

Common Grounds is a student-led program focused on conversations that engage the Fordham community on topics that explore faith, hope, love, passion, meaning and social justice.  It seeks to provide interesting conversation and dialogue for students who are seeking to learn more about how faith applies to real life questions. To advance a faith that does justice, PAV will promote encounters and conversations that challenge the reduction of persons to abstractions where “there are no citizens, only votes; no poor, only thresholds of poverty; no migrants, only quotas; no workers, only economic markers” (Pope Francis) through our Common Grounds Conversation series.

Join these lively conversations during Covid-19 on ZOOM

We will meet and discuss timely topics including faithful citizenship and the election, exploring the impact of Covid-19 on marginalized populations, racism, humane migration, mass incarceration, access inequality and environmental justice issues.

Common Grounds Conversation Environmental Racism

Thursday, April 15th, 5:00 pm

Join this discussion with FCLC alum, Sasha George, Esq., who will discuss her work with the EPA and social justice initiatives.

Join via ZOOM Meeting ID: 874 1876 0885 Passcode: Justice

Previous Common Grounds Conversations

We have hosted theologians, former judges, philosophers, missionaries; priests, nuns, rabbi's and laity; members from both within the community and friends of Fordham. It is through open and comfortable discourse that we seek to bring our community closer and to foster a greater understanding between its members.

Held February 25th at 5:00 pm.

A Conversation on Disparities in Healthcare. Featured Dr. Laura Veras Karasek (FCLC 08), Sr. Mary Catherine Redmond PBVM, PA, & Cristo Rey New York High School.

Held March 3rd at 7:00 pm.

A Lenten Forum on Housing Instability. Featured Jumelia Abrahamson, University Neighborhood Housing Program and Dale Williams, Executive Director of The Midnight Run.

Held March 18th at 5:00 pm.

A Conversation on Immigration Justice and Covid-19. Featured Jairo Guzman, President of the Mexican Coalition.


For more information, please contact: Mrs. Carol Gibney,