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Global Outreach Spring Projects

Fordham students in detroit


GO! Ukraine is an educationally focused project. The team will partner with the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv and will work with different community partners to learn about the history and culture of western Ukraine. The project will introduce students to post-life war in Ukraine, as well as expose them to introductory Ukrainian language classes. Finally, participants will be able to work directly with a number of the Jesuit social service agencies that are actively providing social services for the refugee communities in Lviv.

El Salvador
GO! El Salvador partners with Crispaz, a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador and communities like Fordham through immersion-learning experiences. Students are invited to share in the lives and stories of the People of El Salvador while learning about the nation’s history of political turmoil and how it relates to current political issues in the United States today. The project will focus on how this political unrest led to both a destructive civil war and to the process of peace building in El Salvador, and will teach students how to work for justice rather than for charity and to understand their role as a global citizen.

GO! Colombia will work with the Caribbean Social Immersion Program in Valle del Cauca, in the southwestern region of Colombia. This program explores the contributions of the Jesuits to the rural communities of the valley in the improvement of their living conditions, providing support to their organizational efforts, promoting and advising on environmentally friendly crops and sustainable trade - offering products to the market from a social and solidarity approach.

This trip - hosted by Instituto Mayor Campesino - IMCA, offers the group an in-depth analysis of the Colombian reality; students will be able to meet with rural community organizations, coffee growers, the Nasa indigenous community, as well as with students and programs at Universidad Javeriana - Cali.

In addition to making connections with residents of the communities of Valle del Cauca, activities include visits to key historical sites such as the Sugar Cane Museum Providencia, Basilica El Señor de los Milagros, among others.

Southern U.S. Immersion
The project will partner with the director of Camp Glenmary in Aberdeen, Mississippi, Father Tim Murphy. The team will travel within Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama in order to learn about racial structures and the Civil Rights Movement from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

GO! Detroit will partner with Motown Mission, a faith-based organization dedicated to economic disaster recovery work in Detroit, MI. The team will work at various project sites focused on home repair and construction, gardening, and environmental improvement.

New Orleans
GO! New Orleans is focused on racism and civil rights in New Orleans. The team will work with the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development (CSED) to further evaluate the root causes for the ecological racism that followed Hurricane Katrina and how the hurricane’s impact is still seen today. The project allows the team to experience New Orleans culture, while also learning about the various social justice issues that plague the city.