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Rose Hill Tutors

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021


Writing Center Fellow

Ellis LightEllis Light is the Writing Center Fellow at the Rose Hill Writing Center at Fordham University. They are also a Teaching Fellow and a PhD Candidate in the English Department. Ellis received their BA in Literary Studies from The New School and their MA in English from Fordham. Their dissertation research focuses on the materiality of bodily fluids in medieval devotional literature; other scholarly interests include gender studies, queer theory, monsters, saints’ lives, drama, and mysticism. They have tutored at the Rose Hill Writing Center since 2012, and have taught courses in composition and rhetoric, medieval literature, and the Catholic intellectual tradition. They live in the Hudson Valley with their chosen family and a grumpy black cat.



Ken BruceKen Bruce is a first-year PhD student in the Philosophy Department at Fordham. He completed his BA in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati and his MA in Philosophy at Miami University of Ohio. Before switching to philosophy, he also studied jazz bass performance at the University of Cincinnati. He is interested in 20th Century and contemporary phenomenology, especially as it pertains to race, gender, and political thought. When not working on philosophy, he enjoys reading fiction translated from all parts of the world, being in the woods, and spending time with his cat.

Corinna CapeCorinna Cape is a first-year English PhD student focusing on contemporary American literature. She holds a BA from Bard College and an MS in teaching from Pace University. She previously taught high school in New York City’s District 75 and served as managing editor of Guernica

Elissa JohnstonElissa Johnston is a first-year English PhD student focusing on medieval English female devotional literature, particularly Marian texts. She received her BA in English from Wheaton College (IL). Some of her other research interests include German language and literature, the intersection of text and performance, and anything that has anything to do with medieval music. She loves to read, write, cook, and bake, and is eternally drinking either tea or coffee.

Wing Tan LaiWing Tan Lai is a first-year PhD student in English. She specializes in late medieval literature with a focus on Middle English romance and vernacular theology. She is also a Chaucerian. Initially from Hong Kong, she received her MA in English at Oxford.

Elka RoderickElka Roderick is from Northern California and is a first-year MA student in the accelerated Masters program at Fordham College Rose Hill. Elka is completing her final year of her BA with a major in English and a minor in Philosophy as she begins work on her Masters. Elka is interested in 20th century literature and the intersections of literature and philosophy. 

Francesca SmallFrancesca Small is a first-year English PhD student from Brooklyn, NY. She received her BA from Spelman College, where she worked as a TA for English composition for two years, as well as a tutor. Francesca’s research interests include Gothic fiction, African American literature, and speculative fiction.