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Rose Hill Campus Access

The following Rose Hill buildings are wheelchair accessible:

  • Loschert Hall is wheelchair accessible from both the front and the back of the building. The front entrance has a ramp both outside and inside the building.
  • Alumni South has the same accessibility as Loschert Hall.
  • Dealy Hall has an automatic door on the side entrance to the first floor. There is an elevator available to any one of the six floors.
  • Duane Library is fully accessible.
  • Salice-Conley Hall and Campbell Hall are fully accessible.  
  • John Mulcahy Hall (JMH) is accessible through the main entrance.  
  • Faber Hall's front ground entrance leads to an elevator.
  • Faculty Memorial Hall is accessible through the main entrance. A security guard is there to check ID cards and assist students. 
  • Freeman Hall is accessible from both ground level doors on either side of the front of the building. There is an elevator.
  • Keating Hall has a ramp on the side facing the football field that leads to an automatic door and then to the elevator.
  • Larkin Hall has a ramp on the right side of the front of the building. It leads to the basement from which the elevator is accessible.
  • McGinley Center is accessible through the front of the building using the side entrance under the Vincent Lombardi Center sign. This entrance enables wheelchair access to the first floor elevator which goes to the second floor and gymnasium.
  • O’Hare Hall is fully accessible.  There is an automatic door to the entrance that leads to the Office of Disability Services, the Health Center and Counseling Services.
  • The Security Office is wheelchair accessible. No ramp or elevator is needed.
  • Thebaud Hall is fully accessible.
  • Tierney Hall is wheelchair accessible to the first floor.  There is no elevator.
  • University Church has a ramp on the right side entrance to access the building.
  • Walsh Hall has a wooden ramp that leads to the first floor where an elevator is accessible.
  • The Walsh Library entrance is on ground level. There is access to all four floors using the elevator.