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Lincoln Center

The following is a description of accessibility of Lincoln Center Buildings:

  • The Lowenstein Building is accessible: An outdoor elevator at the front entrance will bring one to the Plaza level. If one enters at street level there is an elevator (#6), opposite the entrance to Quinn Library, that allows one to bypass the escalators. Once at the Plaza level, there are elevators that provide access to the other floors of the building, which Security at the front desk can direct you to.
  • Pope auditorium is equipped with a lift to gain access.
  • The Law School has an elevator, a lift, and ramp.
  • McMahon Residence Hall at Lincoln Center is equipped with elevators to access all floors of the building and the apartments on the second floor are designed to be fully accessible to those with disabilities.
  • The front entrance to the McMahon Residence Hall is barrier free and has automatic doors.
  • The Residence Hall can also be accessed through the Lowenstein Building hallways at street level and plaza level.
  • 45 Columbus Ave. Suite 106 is located in the lobby, but the accessible restrooms are located on the second floor.
  • Accessible restrooms can be found in Lowenstein on the first floor, second floor and the third floor.