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African and African-American Studies Summer Courses

AFAM 1600 L11 - Understanding Historical Change: Africa
Session I, May 28-June 27, 2019
Lincoln Center: TWTh, 1-4 p.m.

Introduction to the political, social, economic and institutional history of Africa. Fulfills the Globalism requirement in Fordham's core curriculum. AFAM 1600 L11 syllabus.

CRN: 10051
Instructor: Idris
3 credits

AFAM 3071 L21 - African Intellectual History
Session II, July 2-August 6, 2019
Lincoln Center: MTWTh, 6-9 p.m.

This course will introduce students to some of the main currents of African thought since the 19th century. It examines different writers or groups of writers in context, ranging from Pan-Africans of the early 20th century in Africa and America, the exponents and critics of Negritude, feminist nationalists of the World War II era, African socialists of the independence era, critics of postcolonial society, the Black Consciousness movement, and finally current assessments of the achievements of African intellectuals. It is expected that students will leave this course with a firm understanding of the main currents and key figures of African intellectual tradition. Fulfills the Globalism requirement in Fordham's core curriculum.

CRN: 10301
Instructor: Idris
4 credits