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Mandarin Summer Courses

Masterpieces of Chinese Film
MAND 3030 L11 / MLAL 3030 L11
Session I, May 29-June 28, 2018
Lincoln Center: MTWTh, 9 a.m.-Noon

This course provides an introduction to Chinese film, focusing on important genres, direction and movements. We will follow two parallel (often times intersecting) threads throughout the course: "politics of film" as well as "poetics of film." The former explores Chinese film's engaging dialogue with Chinese sociopolitical issues whereas the latter investigates key terms of film theory such as spectatorship, gaze, apparatus theory, and authorship. This course is cross-listed with MAND 3030.  Fulfills the Advanced Literature requirement of Fordham's core curriculum requirement.

CRN: Cancelled
4 credits