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Active Duty Soldiers

Green to Gold - Active Duty Soldiers

If you are an Active Duty Soldier, you may be eligible for the Green to Gold Program. There are several options. You need to familiarize yourself with the different categories to see if you meet the criteria.

Before contacting us you should:

  • Check to see if the college/university you plan to attend is affiliated with Fordham Army ROTC
  • Review the Green to Gold program details on the website
  • Ensure you meet eligibility for the Green to Gold program you're applying to since all have varying requirements (Hip Pocket, Non-Scholarship, Scholarship, and ADO)
  • Know your projected month and year of graduation
  • We cannot consider you for Green to Gold unless you have been accepted to the university of interest
  • We will not consider you for a Professor of Military Science Letter of Acceptance unless you have provided the items listed here.  If you have all the required documents, call 718-817-4876 prior to sending anything.