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Aerospace Studies

As a student in the program, you are required to complete 8 semesters of Aerospace Studies classes. During your first two years, the classes will be one credit hour per semester. During your second two years, the classes will be three credit hours per semester. A brief overview of each of the Aerospace Studies classes follows:

  • AS 101 & 102 Heritage and Values (1 Credit) - A survey course designed to introduce students to the United States Air Force and provides an overview of the basic characteristics, missions, and organization of the Air Force (USAF) and Space Force (USSF). The following topics are covered: an introduction to Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Air Force career fields, Air Force core values, the formation of the USAF and USSF, dress and appearance standards, customs and courtesies, public speaking, Air Force writing, the benefits of service, introduction to leadership, and the heritage of the Air and Space Force.

  • AS 201 & 202 Team and Leadership Fundamentals (1 Credit) - This course provides a fundamental understanding of both leadership and team building. The lessons and course flow are designed to prepare cadets for field training and leadership positions in the detachment. The following topics are covered: self-awareness, listening, followership, full-range leadership, problem-solving, motivation, standards and accountability, your financial future, and communication skills.

  • AS 301 & 302 Leading People and Effective Communication (3 Credits) - Utilizes cadet’s field training experience to take a more in-depth look at leadership. Special emphasis is placed on enhancing communication skills, and why that is important as a leader. Cadets have an opportunity to try out these leadership and management techniques in a supervised environment as juniors and seniors. The following topics are covered: critical thinking, leader development, change management, air force writing, effective supervision, the enlisted force, officer/ enlisted differences, bullet writing, bias, managing diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural competence, cultural VEST, your financial future, managing competing priorities, airmanship, code of conduct, ethical decision-making, joint ethics, and communication skills.

  • AS 401 & 402 National Security Affairs (3 Credits) - Examines the national security process, regional studies, the laws of armed conflict, advanced leadership ethics, and Air Force and joint doctrine. Special topics of interest focus on the military profession, officership, civilian control of the military, and current issues. Effective communication skills continue to be emphasized.