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Fall Course Offerings

Fall Courses

INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM | 8:30 am - 11:20 am

Monday & Thursday

Tuesday & Friday


IALC 1140: Intermediate Reading, Writing & Grammar (IELTS 4; CEFR A2)

IALC 1150: High Intermediate Reading, Writing & Grammar (IELTS 5; CEFR B1)

In this course, students enhance their written performance by improving accuracy and reading fluency, expanding vocabulary, and composing unified, coherent texts. Students learn to identify main ideas and derive meaning from context, practice brainstorming techniques, and produce increasingly more sophisticated writing.

IALC 1240: Intermediate Listening & Speaking (IELTS 4; CEFR A2)

IALC 1250: High Intermediate Listening & Speaking (IELTS 5; CEFR B1)

In this course, students strengthen speaking, listening and pronunciation skills through exposure to various media, participation in class discussions and group work, and oral presentations that emphasize fluency and accuracy. Students practice language for expressing opinions and predicting content, and gain confidence listening to lectures and participating in classroom discussions.

IALC 1160: Academic Writing Skills (IELTS 5+; CEFR B2)

Academic Reading and Writing prepares students for the rigor of scholarly writing. Emphasis is placed on systematically developing a sound argument, integrating research, critical analysis, and techniques for correctly referencing outside sources.

IALC 1260: Academic Communication Skills (IELTS 5+; CEFR B2)

In Academic Communication Skills, students learn practical approaches to communicating effectively in American academic settings. Emphasis is placed on active participation in class discussions, interacting with professors and colleagues, and appropriate language for written correspondence.


ELECTIVES | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Monday & Thursday


IALC 2304: Intro to World Religions (IELTS 6; CEFR B2-C1)

In this survey course, students reflect on the core beliefs, concepts, traditions, and texts that inform major religions practiced widely throughout the world, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. The course emphasizes religious literacy while preparing students to enter college-level courses in theology.

Tuesday & Friday

IALC 2308: American Culture in Film (Mixed Levels; CEFR A2-B1)

In American Culture in Film, students analyze key scenes from popular films, practice their listening comprehension and speaking skills, and broaden their understanding of American culture through a survey of contemporary cinema. Assignments include written response papers and in-class presentations.

IALC 2300: Presentations & Public Speaking (IELTS 5+; CEFR B2-C1)

Presentations and Public Speaking introduces techniques for speaking clearly and persuasively before an audience. Students sharpen pronunciation and grammatical accuracy and build greater confidence using English to express complex ideas.


ELECTIVES | Meeting Days / Times TBA

IALC 1180: Intro to Research Writing (IELTS 6; CEFR B2-C1)

In this graduate-level course, students develop the writing skills needed to achieve the wide range of writing tasks they will encounter throughout their academic career, including communicating effectively within disciplinary contexts, reading critically, and using resource materials effectively in research writing.

IALC 2303: Intro to US Culture & History (IELTS 5+; CEFR B2-C1)

In this elective course, students deepen their knowledge of American history, society and art through selected critical readings, field trips and discussion. Students produce short opinion papers and gain greater insight into the nuances and contradictions of American culture.



Grammar Workshop (Mixed Levels; CEFR A2-B1)

Grammar Workshop provides an intensive review of English grammar for learners at all levels. Open to all currently enrolled IALC and Fordham students.

TOEFL Preparation (Mixed Levels; CEFR A2-B1)

In TOEFL Workshop, students learn test-taking strategies and brush up on their language skills in preparation for the TOEFL exam. Open to all currently enrolled IALC and Fordham students, regardless of whether they are signed up for the TOEFL.