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Dean's Council

Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean’s Council

The Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean’s Council is a student-run USG committee which meets with administration monthly. Its purpose is to voice concerns in order to improve the academic experience for students, increase participation in undergraduate research among students, and act as a resource to the Fordham College at Rose Hill Dean’s Office. The council provides a forum for discussion between students, faculty, and administration.

Current Subcommittees

FCRH and GSB collaborations
Mae Symmonds

Social Media
Elizabeth Bjorkland
Amanda Nastasi

Undergraduate Research
Patrick Fox

Freshmen/ Sophomore Advising
Anna Lazzaro

Prestigious Fellowships
Katie Finnegan

Transfer Mentoring
Danielle Terracciano

Career Services
Ryan Di Corpo

Email Us:

Chair Patrick Fox:

Co Chair Anna Lazzaro: