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Honors Program

Edward's Parade at Fordham's Rose Hill campus.

The Honors Program at Fordham College at Rose Hill is the ideal setting for a passionate engagement with ideas. Students from all majors pursue an alternate core curriculum in a supportive community, all on a beautiful campus with easy access to everything New York City has to offer.

"The Honors Program has exposed me to a dynamic, transformative education that I couldn't have found anywhere else. The curriculum provides a fascinating look at the narrative of Western history. I haven't merely memorized facts about the past, but have come to understand the context of my own culture. And somewhere along the way — in the moments after a heated discussion when no one wanted to leave the seminar, or perhaps during a late night in Alpha House (as I frantically finished a paper in the company of half of my class) — I realized that I have met my zaniest, most supportive, and closest friends here." ~ Amy Palen, senior

Rose Hill Honors Program Students


  • An intellectually coherent investigation of the Western world, from antiquity to the present
  • An emphasis on exploration and debate across disciplines
  • A foundation for further study in any field

Learn more about the Honors Curriculum


Seminar-style classes, of 12-14 students that

  • foster sustained and spirited conversation
  • provide an opportunity for close attention to speaking and writing skills
  • are taught by distinguished professors who excel in the classroom


Alpha House at Rose Hill

Honors students become lifelong personal friends with a diverse group of individuals as intellectually alive as they are. There are many opportunities to build community:

  • Alpha House, an Honors-only space open 24/7 for studying, late night paper writing, and just hanging out. Learn more about Alpha House.
  • Cultural outings in the Bronx and Manhattan that supplement the classroom curriculum
  • Formal and informal Honors gatherings and social events throughout the year
  • Frequent opportunities for "giving back" through service and social justice work and leadership

Learn more about our Honors Community.

Diversity Statement

The Honors Program recognizes and affirms the central importance of diversity to a robust education. We therefore actively seek a cohort of students with varying identities and backgrounds, who can learn from each other's differing experiences, perspectives, commitments, and values.