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Alpha House

Rose Hill Honors Program

The Heart of the Honors Program

Alpha House is an integral part of student life in Honors--seminars are held in the classroom upstairs, study groups meet downstairs, and Honors events revolve around this Honors-only space on campus.

A Home for Each Cohort


All Honors students receive 24/7 access privileges to Alpha House.

The upstairs seminar room doubles as a space for movie nights, open mic nights, and other Honors events.

The basement lounge is a space for study sessions, student meetings, and just hanging out. It is equipped with computers and printers for Honors student use.


A Place to Build Community

"Alpha House has been a really wonderful place to get to know people, to work together, to debate, to have fun. I really value the friendships that I've made in Alpha House--during impromptu movie screenings on a Friday night or philosophy paper writing sessions that go until 3 in the morning."  ~Sarah Homer, senior