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Luke Zaro, FCRH '16

"Strengths, Tensions, and Concerns for U.S.-Saudi Relations from 1979 until Present Day: How will Changing U.S.-Iranian Relations Affect U.S.-Saudi Relations?"

Published in the Fall 2015 edition of the Yale Review of International Studies.

Alyssa Dolan, FCRH '16

The following is a summary of chemical research conducted by Alyssa Dolan, FCRH ’16, and her research team. Her research group, under Dr. Jon Friedrich, analyzes the chemical composition of chondrites using microwave digestion and mass spectrometry techniques. By doing this, they are able to gain pertinent information regarding the composition of the chondrites and proceed to classify the chondrites. The classifications lead to the important grouping of specimens that share characteristics as originating from a single parent body, or meteoroid.  In this piece, Alyssa examines her research results in relation to past research conducted on a sample, “Miller Range 07273”, or MIL 07273. From such results, she discusses what future research plans entail.